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Hank Tate has developed a methodology for analyzing the operational health of any company. Called a BUSINESS HEALTH ASSESSMENT, this system was originally developed as a Due Diligence Process. The system has been expanded into a program that can be implemented in any company to assist management in identifying opportunities for improving operations, profits, and customer satisfaction. Plans are being developed to expand the program into an online methodology that can benefit any company, large or small.






Every year thousands of people visit their doctor for an Annual Check-Up. The practice is seen as a wise habit to help identify health problems before they become serious, and an opportunity to receive counsel on changes that need to be made to maintain health as a person ages. When an insurance company is going to underwrite someone’s health they want to know how good it is before they accept the policy. It makes good sense!

Why don’t we see the same practice of regularly evaluating the health of a company followed in the business world? Company leaders often find themselves surprised when changes in the business world reveal long hidden flaws in the operations of their company that threaten the survival of the company. Investors many times find their investment destroyed when unforeseen issues are revealed. If only something had been known earlier, correctional steps could have been taken and the companies health and vitality protected and enhanced.

Synogy sees a number of problems facing business leaders who want to assess the health of their company:

u       Company employees are focused on their own challenges and usually do not have time to step back from bumping into trees to see the whole forest.

u       Problems seen by lower level staff are often not communicated to upper level leadership until it’s too late to respond strongly.

u       The “difficult” questions about the wisdom or effectiveness of systems are often not asked or addressed for fear of offending leadership and endangering jobs.

u       Due diligence or assessment by most outside consultants usually focus on the financial status of the company, not a holistic evaluation of all functional areas and systems of the company.

Synogy’s Business Health Assessment (BHA) provides an effective answer for all of these issues. Each BHA, whether performed for a strategic internal evaluation of the company or completed as Due Diligence for an investor, provides insight into all of the key functional areas of a company’s operations. A carefully developed analysis process uses a series of questions which provide insight into the health and effectiveness of each area of the company. A Basic BHA minimizes the time and expense for the BHA by focusing its assessment on input from management personnel with cursory input from line staff. A Complete BHA provides a more complete and accurate evaluation because much time is spent collecting and validating information, and analyzing the effectiveness of operational systems by spending time on the “front lines” with the staff involved in accomplishing the company’s work for each functional area of the evaluation.

From this process a Business Health Report is developed to reveal areas of opportunity for improvement, growth, increased effectiveness, and expanded profitability. Many of the suggestions presented with the Business Health Report will include an estimate of the economic values that can be realized by improvements in suggested areas.

Synogy’s Business Health Assessment provides company leadership, and investors, with a vehicle for determining opportunities to improve a companies effectiveness and for identifying any crisis issues that threaten the existence of the company. The BHA can provide a foundation for a healthy and profitable future. We believe a Business Health Assessment will be one of the most valuable investments made by your company.




The following chart reflects the comparative amount of time spent with each level of personnel in the company to complete each of the types of Business Health Assessment. The Complete Business Health Assessment also includes time with Customers and Vendors to assess the effectiveness of the company’s external relationships.

 The bars demonstrate the relative amount of time spent and are not indicative of actual time required. The actual time will vary based on the size of the company, complexity of the company’s structure, and the level of support and assistance from management and staff.

BHA Chart of Services



The following file provides an overview of the Business Health Assessment program. In practice each Business Health Assessment program is customized based on the structure and needs of the company being served.

Business Health Assessment Overview


The following ZIP file contains two MS Word analysis tools that use Word's calculated fields capabilities to collect data from Management and Staff personnel with an automatic calculation of the results. The two sample questionnaires were developed to reveal management styles and breakdowns in communication between management and staff. Provision is also made for collecting narrative data. In practice, customized questionnaires are created for each company. Data is collected into a database through web-based forms. These files demonstrate the concept.

Management-Staff Analysis


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