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There exists a multi-million dollar opportunity to supply the medical community with a new and superior source of stem cells for transplantation in the treatment of cancer and many other serious diseases. The primary mission of NuStem Technologies, Inc (NuStem) is to meet this need through the collection, processing, cryogenic storage and sale of stem cells derived from the umbilical cord of a newborn baby following a live birth.

Stem cells are life sustaining precursor cells that develop into red and white blood cells, and platelets. In the treatment of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation destroy not only the cancer cells but also these blood precursors.

Without healthy blood cells to supply oxygen, fight infection, and aid in blood clotting, the person's health and life are threatened. This becomes a major factor that inhibits physicians from being more aggressive in treating cancer. A "rescue" of new stem cells is needed so that the cure itself does compromise the patient.

Benefits for Participants

Only about 30% of patients worldwide that need a bone marrow transplant have a compatible family donor. Of the remaining 70%, only 25% of these find a suitable match after searching the bone marrow registries. In the United States, more than 50,000 bone marrow transplants are needed each year, but 15,000 people die because an acceptable match could not be found.

NuStem will provide a more effective and less expensive alternative to traditional bone marrow transplants. Sales are likely to increase dramatically in at least three other areas: (1) the replacement market for bone marrow since cord blood stem cells are safer, more effective, and less expensive; (2) new markets from the aggressive treatment of cancer and other diseases; and, (3) the international market that is at least the same size, if not bigger, as the U.S. market.

Management projects that only 3% of prospective patients search NuStem's database each month in years 3 through 5. As the size of the bank grows to 50,000 units the statistical probability of being able to provide a match grows to 94%. In the fifth year of operations NuStem projects that 21,040 units will be placed at $15,000 per unit.

Even with this conservative approach, the potential profit is tremendous:

NuStem requires total capital infusion of $34 million over the first 18 months. NuStem Technologies is seeking individuals, groups, and entities that would like to be involved in bringing this life saving technology to the marketplace and reap the financial benefits of their participation. Additional materials and a detailed explanation of the opportunity are available.

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2001 NuStem Business Plan:   (PDF)  a 2001 update of the Business Plan produced by Hank Tate in April 2000. This Business Plan contains no financial information.

2003 NuStem Business Plan:   (PDF)    This business plan is an update completed in April 2003 after ZStem of San Antonio failed to complete their efforts to acquired NuStem. It includes financial information taken from the 2003 Full Financial Package.

2003 Full Financial Package:   (PDF)   This is the latest version of NuStem's financial projections. The original financials were created by Hank Tate using Synogy's Financial Proforma Program in April 2000. Hank has produced numerous updates as the different management teams have redefined milestones and growth curves. This version was updated in April 2003 as a companion to the 2003 NuStem Business Plan.

2003 Financing Memorandum:   (PDF)   Produced in concert with the 2003 NuStem Business Plan.

2003 4-Page Overview Brochure:   (PDF)    Updated in concert with the 2003 NuStem Business Plan. Present a brief Executive Summary of NuStem.

Use of $5 Million:   (PDF)   Hank Tate produced this analysis for an investor requesting information on what could be accomplished with an initial investment of $5 million. The report details amounts for each functional area and major line item in the financials along with milestones completed or in process as a result of the investment.


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