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The following Overview Résumé provides an overview of skills and selected experience.


The following Curriculum Vitæ provides details of skills and selected experience.




Referred to as a “Vision Engineer” and “Right Hand Man” by numerous business leaders for ability to critically assess problems and opportunities, and ability to define detailed solutions and strategic plans. Strong commitment to Servant Leadership, coaching, and empowering people to be more effective in accomplishing company goals to turn vision into reality! Thirty years of experience coaching business leaders on strategic analysis of corporate vision, and creation of detailed development and growth plans. Strong CXO emphasis on expanding customer excitement about the company, its products, services, and reputation. Have developed systems that measure the health of a company’s relationships and operations.

Master communicator with exceptional ability to translate technical information into layman’s language, and present company information in a highly professional manner. Experienced in creating new systems and processes to accomplish company goals efficiently. Highly technical with experience in programming, software development, and creative use of technology to accomplish business goals. Championed numerous technology teams in a variety of industries (biotechnology, environmental services, LEDs, energy, and software development) to research and analyze appropriate applications of technology.

Reputation for thoroughness, quick study, creative problem solving, and a high degree of trust and loyalty enables leadership to handoff problems and know they will be solved with excellence. Title is only a tool for accomplishing business goals.

Widely recognized as an exceptional and passionate public speaker, keynote speaker, and trainer.


KEY SKILLS:  Executive Coaching, Relationship Connections, Analysis, Strategic Planning, Master Communicator, Systems & Processes, Quality Assurance, Creative Problem Solving


  Leadership Coaching and Development:   Have consulted with a wide variety of business leaders to help them analyze, understand, plan and communicate the steps and processes necessary for turning their vision into reality. Have coached a variety of business leaders as they have faced business and life changes.

  Business Health Assessment:   Originated a unique independent system for collecting and analyzing information on all functional areas, and employee levels, of a company’s operation to provide leadership with an accurate assessment of the true health of the company and to reveal dysfunctional areas where opportunities exist to improve operations, profits, and relationships.

  Relationship Development & Marketing - Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Focus:   Passionate commitment to establishing relationships of excitement about a company through all relationship connections: employees, vendors, and customers. Committed focus on building systems, policies, procedures, and communications that build passionate relationships with customers, employees, and vendors. Have developed methods for compressing a year’s worth of marketing into a few months with dramatic positive relationship enhancement and significant competitive positioning with potential customers.

  Strategic Business Planning:   Analyze complex business dynamics and develop effective detailed plans for accomplishing long-term business goals. Extensive experience translating intricate business issues into professional business plans, proposals, investor presentations, and pro forma financials that present a lucid, practical, and high-quality image for the company. The quality of business plans has been recognized repeatedly as being in the top 5% of business plans seen by investors.

  Project Management:   Plan, implement, and manage diverse teams to accomplish projects within defined time frames and budgets. Taught Principles & Practices of Project Management to numerous Fortune 1000 teams, including: GE-Mexico, GE Capital, Thomson Media, BJ Services, Wylie Laboratories-NASA, and U.S. Department of Energy. Exceptional ratings from students for presentation effectiveness, understandability, and humor.

  Performance Enhancement:   Analyze business operational systems to identify opportunities and methods for improving efficiency of business processes. Strong focus on the application of computer and electronic technology to automate recurring processes. Innovative creation of databases, standardized forms, checklists, and documentation to create functional business systems which can be utilized by untrained personnel to achieve consistent quality.

  Financial Planning:   Created proprietary Excel template system for enabling the rapid development of detailed dynamic pro-forma financials and financial modeling of complex projects in a brief period of time. Over 200,000 cells and 1,500 hours cumulative development, enhancement, and customization. Recognized by many in the investment and financing arena for its power, effectiveness, and understandability.

  Research & Analysis:   Direct and perform research and analysis for new or proposed business or product directions. Analyze opportunities, pitfalls, and design options. Develop and direct project implementation plans. Analyze complex problems and develop creative practical solutions in a variety of business functional areas. Ability to rapidly assimilate and become proficient in high technology areas. Experience in legal contract development and analysis.

  Technical Mastery:   Research, self-teach, and quickly develop proficiency in highly technical and scientific areas. Translate technical details for a variety of scientific, biomedical, biotechnical, engineering, and mechanical products and systems into layman's language for effective communication to non-technical audiences.

  Project Design & Leadership:   Systems analysis, design, programming, and project management of database and workflow-process systems to create or re-engineer business systems to improve efficiency, quality, profits, and customer satisfaction. Have directed multi-disciplinary teams to create technology solutions to meet complex business goals.

  Training & Public Speaking:   Recognized for excellence in communication with extensive experience in teaching, training workshops, and public speaking. Develop and present training classes on a variety of business programs, software skills, and workflow systems. Rated “Excellent” in all workshops and recognized as a “dynamic and engaging speaker.” Collateral materials widely praised for clarity and long-term value.Certified instructor for: Team Building, Developing People Skills, Professional Leadership Development. Developed and presented over 250 workshops since 1987, having an attendance of over 25,000. Substantial media experience with over 40 radio and TV interviews.

  Team Building & Facilitation:   Facilitate creation and management of diverse teams to research, analyze, and create business or product improvement. Train and direct multi-functional teams to accomplish business goals. Certified Team Building instructor.

  Corporate Image Development:   Create high-quality, cost-efficient methods of improving the professional image of a company. Experienced in creation of corporate logos, image presentation materials, corporate websites, and marketing programs and materials.

  Database Development:   Have designed and developed a variety of databases. Developed multiple projects as sole designer and programmer. Directed development team for major multi-client project for Deloitte & Touché.

  Internet & e-Commerce:   Plan & oversee design and implementation of internet based business systems, manage planning and development process for e-Commerce systems, internet communications, and internet security. Have personally developed multiple websites with direct coding in HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

  Troubleshooting:   Analyze complex business and technical problems, and develop creative practical solutions under limited budgets.

  Change Management:   Identify impact of business changes on all stake holders. Design team building programs, materials, and training methods to facilitate effective implementation of new systems.

  Video Production:   Graduate of 5 courses on corporate video production from Sony Institute of Video Technology in Hollywood, California.



  Known for:   integrity;  faithfulness;  absolute commitment to excellence;  constant focus on achieving customer excitement - not just satisfaction;  exceptional creativity in problem solving and creating new opportunities for profitability;  dependable - fulfill commitments within required time and budget - figure out how to accomplish the goal without constant supervision;  initiative - act in the best interest of the company without being told to - including pulling very long days without being requested;  intelligence - learn highly technical systems very quickly;  detail & big picture - can look at projects from both perspectives;  personable - get along well with most anyone;  servant leader - lead individuals and teams supportively;  positive - "can do" attitude;  systems & processes focus - figure out how to create effective operations & organization from chaos.


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